Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Fantastic Fifth Birthday!

My baby girl is no baby any longer! Miss Maya turned the big 5 back in August & it was a little bittersweet. I love 5!  My kids seem to "blossom" a little more at 5 & because of that I am able to forgive them for the 2's, and the 3's, and the "awkward-in-between" 4's when they were a little harder to love.  I call those years the "survival years", because that's what it feel like much of the time.  I'll bet if you can make it through those years with a scrap of patience remaining & a few good brain cells you just might be able to handle the teen years without losing your mind completely! Yes, in my book 5 is a great age! However, it seemed a little strange to me as I was watching Maya blow out her 5 candles on her Barbie cake that I swear just yesterday I was snuggling that cute little newborn girl in my arms . It's weird how our minds don't like to catch up with the present day sometimes! In so many ways I still think of her as my "baby", because it's still hard to grasp that time has flown by so quickly. Makes me want to go give her a few extra snuggles as she sleeps right now because I'm kinda scared I'm going to wake up and find a teenager in her bed tomorrow!

Here are a few pictures of Miss Maya Moo's BIG day!

Here Are A Few Fun Facts About Maya:
-She was my fastest & easiest labor and delivery (less than 2 hours!).
-She was born with BLACK hair...but it didn't stay that way for long.
-She can recite entire blocks of Disney movie dialogue & not miss a beat.
-She also has the lyrics to many songs fully memorized.
-She LOVES to sing & dance. She is our little "performer".
-She RARELY tells a lie. She may be my drama queen, but this little sister can tell it to you straight!
-She "loves" lots of things & "hates" very few things (with the exception of veggies!). 
-She is my curious one. 
-She is also my "risk taker" & my bold one. She fears very little & I love that about her so, so much. This quality will take her far in life!
-She knows no stranger.
-Her favorite breakfast is....pb&j or grilled cheese & applesauce!

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Anonymous said...

I remember holding Maya when she was just a few weeks old...time has flown! Happy birthday, Maya!


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