Monday, August 09, 2010

Weekend Deals & A Update

It was a good weekend on the savings front. I'm only including the stuff I bought in my trip yesterday, because I'm lazy and I didn't want to gather up all the school supplies I bought on Friday & Saturday. We won't mention the 6 jars of Skippy PB I snagged for $3 either ;-). was a good shopping weekend & I continue to learn new things every time I shop. 

Here is what you are looking at:
(2) Diet Pepsi 2 liters (BOGO coupon off facebook)
(1) Doritos Snack package (free with Pepsi purchase...tear pad at CVS )
(2) Betty Crocker Warm Delights (2 x .75 cp from 8/08 paper)
(1) Air Wick iMotion room air freshener ($4.00 cp from 8/08 paper)
(3) Colgate Toothpaste (3 x cp from 8/01 paper)
(1) 9 roll Angel Soft TP
(1) 24 ct Zyrtec Liquid Gels ($4.00 cp from website)
(2) 24 ct Benadryl Products ($2 and $1 peelies from CVS)
(2) Kleenex Tissues
(2) Schick Hydro 5 razors ($5.00 cp in 8/08 paper)
(2) Schick Shaving Cream (FREE peelies on razor package!)
(1) 4 oz Bio True solution ($1.00 cp from website)
(1) Dulcolax Balance ($4.00 cp from website)
(1) Dial body wash ($1.00 cp from website)
(2) Walgreen's hand sanitizer
(2) Soft Soap hand soap (2 x .35 cp from 7/25 paper)
(4) Bic Grip pens ($1.00/2 coupon from 8/01 paper)

Like I said, I'm lazy today, so I don't feel like linking to all the coupon sites where I got the "website" coupons from. However, the girls over at Sam's Secrets & Coupon Mom will get you all the info you need if you want to save on any of the above items :-) I bought all of these items at Walgreen's and CVS. I had $10 in RR at Walgreen's to use & I still have $2 in RR left. I had $3 EB from CVS to use & I do not have any more EB's left over.  I will also get $8.97 back in rebates! My total oop was $15.65, but with the $8.97 rebate from the razor that drops my total drops down to $6.68!  Not too bad considering the sale price on the Zyrtec alone was $18.99!  In total, I got $111.89 worth of products for $6.68!!!  Oh, and I am donating several of the products you see to charity. That is one of the best perks from doing all this coupon shopping. Now I can afford to help other people out, while I continue to shop and save on items my family needs ;-).  Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you enjoy finding your own deals this week!

*In other news.....I finally got to run this weekend! It was so refreshing to get back to doing something I love. I'm doing the KC 1/2 in October, so I figured I better start getting serious about running again. 

*Miss Maya will turn 5 this week! Can't hardly believe it! Stay tuned for pictures of her birthday at the T-Rex cafe :-).

*This is the kids last week of summer vacation (sniff....sniff!). They go back to school on Monday! Can't believe my summer flew by like it did. I'm gonna miss them, but I think I'm ready to have a little more of a routine back in our life. McKenna will be in third grade & Chandler in second grade. Miss Maya missed the Kindergarten cut off by 11 days, so she will have one more year of Pre-K.  Mr. Judah never wants to go to school because he wants to be stuck like velcro to his Mommy's side until he is 10! No, really...I'm a little worried that's how it's gonna be with my little buddy! I love him so much, but he can drive me a little nutty sometimes with his clingy-ness. He is adding new words to his vocabulary every day & we think he has a bright future as a guitar tech since he routinely gets into Daddy's pedal board & "rearranges" all Daddy's guitar equipment! 

So, there you have it...a small "update" of sorts on what we are up to. Hope you are enjoying your end-of-the-summer fun & are all geared up for fall. I'm looking forward to sharing  more recipes with you in the near future, and having more "running stories" to tell. It's been a LONG time since I did those two things on here, but as soon as the kids go back to school I'll have a little more time for those kind of blog posts. Stay tuned....


karen said...

Great deals! I did well at Walgreen and CVS too. Thank you for sharing this information. I can see how my home can get stocked up with pennies on the dollar. I like that I can buy things I would normally consider "too expensive" or a luxury too. It's nice to have the quality.

This stuff should be shared with the Financial Peace classes!!!

Joanna Dillanina said...

This is a great catch for a days coupon shopping. To bad the "Extreme Couponing" shows are making all the store change their coupon policies.

~ Coupon Database

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